Welcome to a world of independence!


Working within CCLS means more than just putting in your time and getting a paycheck. It is about supporting people with disabilities as you help them learn to become more independent in their community. There are Employment Opportunities throughout Wisconsin.


With more than 40 years of experience in supporting individuals with a wide range of disabilities, CCLS has come to be trusted and relied upon by long-term care providers for their training needs. Our state-approved staff trainers promote client dignity, individuality, and rights in each class they teach. Their years of direct care and training experiences are a benefit to the more than 2500 students that annually attend their classes. Between our offering of over 45 courses and our customized training, we are confident that you will find the training your employees need.


CCLS is a provider of services/supports for individuals with developmental disabilities, mental illness, physical disabilities, or functional limitations of advanced aging. We provide clients with person-centered, individualized community supports. Client needs, strengths, and desires are always considered as we work with them to build valuable supports.